Sunday, April 19, 2009

women's heart health

I don't have pictures today just a little note to women everywhere, please listen to your body when it talks to you. I had some chest discomfort that I wanted to blame on heart burn, ended up spending the nite at our local hospital when it got worse, they never said I had a heart attack but the testing for heart problems started right after and so did the meds that I didn't want. On friday I had a cardic cath, this was after having a nucler stress/echo test. The echo showed what looked to be a blockage, I had my cath and they found no blockages, I am so relieved, I am only in my 40's. I still don't know what caused all the chest pain in the first place but I am glad I listened and went to get it checked out. So because of the cath I can't stay sitting very long for the first 48hrs, so I will have more cards done in a few days.
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