Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures from convention

These pictures are in no order but I will have some in order on my next post, still tryin to get them all straight, but I wanted to share a few with you.
This first one is closing nite dinner, from left top Inga, Stacey, myself and Fran. Ladies I had a wonderful time.

This was getting ready to go in for general session on Sat. am.

They decorated the stairs leading up to the second floor so Fran and I took our pictures here

This is also at closing dinner Sat nite, this gentleman named Michael came out and started to just slap paint up on this black canvas and this is how it ended, a beauitful painting of Jeanette.

This is some of the art work that we saw, there was so much, just beauitful cards, layouts, 3-D things. I will post more of the art work that I saw on the next post.

This paper rose was done by Bren, and I have many more pictures of her paper roses, she does such a wonderful job. she does have a vedio on youtube that I will find and post a link to.

This is the back of the Gaylord, I was standing on the dock when I took this one.

So this is all I have right now, I have baby Hunter here and he wants to play with he keyboard so I will be back in a little bit and post more pictures. Thanks for stopping by.
remember comments are always welcome.
Have a crafty day!!

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