Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jackpot June

During the month of June you can hit the jackpot and win FREE products or grab a loaded goodie box at 50% or more off. Enjoy two different types of deals during the month of June.

Slip over to http://www.Rebeccat.myctmh.com and see the deal for today.

On goodie days you can purchase 1 box filled with popular products at 50% or more off retail value.
On jackpot days 5 product will be offered for sale at discounted prices. One of the 5 is the mystery jackpot item for that day, but you won't know which one. If you happen to order the mystery jackpot item, CTMH will reward you with one or more FREE Close to my Heart products, with shipping included on the free items! If you buy all 5 products you are guaranteed to hit the jackpot!
There's no purchase limit-if you order multiple secret jackpot items, CTMH will send you the same number of free items.

So head on over to my web site http://www.Rebeccat.myctmh.com and see how much free products you can walk away with.

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