Saturday, February 14, 2009

EJ's card workshop

So went to EJ's this afternoon for her card workshop and we made 5 cards and a really cute little box, I don't have a picture of my 5th card here because I am not done with it yet, I will post it later. I really enjoy going to EJ's for one thing she has lots of cool stuff and if there is something that you want to try but are afraid to buy, if she has it she will let you try it, and she has stamps galore, from all different kinds of companies, which is really cool, but most of all I like going because EJ is a cool lady and when you go to her house you can relax, talk and make new friends.
EJ if you read this Thank you and I will see you soon. So we learned new things today for these cards, I got to learn about a couple of new products.

But most of all after having a really stressed week I got to have a good relaxing time. I think the 2 cards in the bottom picture were my favs.

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creativearts said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Bekah. I enjoy having you and everyone come by to help me use my "Stash". That way I get to buy more! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.