Sunday, January 23, 2011

organizing my CTMH My Acrylix stamps

So I have alot more CTMH stamps than what I thought, the one thing I didn't do was count them but I have them all organized but when looking for a sentiment the other day I could not remember what set it was on, so I decided Friday it was time to put them in a system where I could find things a little faster, so I gathered old idea books (I have a ton) and started cutting out pictures of the sets I had, some that I have are not in books so for those I made copies on the copier, then I got two notebooks and have spent the weekend organizing them. I just now need to decorate the front of the notebooks. I glued all the pictures to card stock, and the ones I ran though the copier I also put on cs. I just used some of the GP cs from walmart since I was using so much. these note books are 2" and I filled one and a half, I really didn't realize how many sets I had.

1228 Citrus Leaf cs (retired)
1225 Sunny Yellow cs
Cricut cart- from my kitchen for tabs
Notebooks walmart
GP card stock
I work in a children's clinic so we like to do stuff for the kids, we have one hall that we use 2 days a week and another clinic uses it the other 3 days, we wanted it to look a little more like ours on our days so I made the new room number signs for the doors. Turned out everyone really liked them, even one of the doc's made really nice comments about them.

1381 White daisy cs
1245 Olive cs Z2137 Olive ink
1244 Garden green cs
X5759 Pacifica cs Z2192 Pacifica ink
X5761 Sky cs
1386 Black cs
5573 Grey flannel cs
5571 Grey wool cs
1235 Key lime cs
Scotch self sealing Laminating Pouches
board book covered in WD cs
Now this last card I found while do a little blog hopping, I saw it on Lorrinda's blog and loved it, so I decided I had to do a little card lifting, it is not completely like hers, I made a few changes. It made a beautiful sympathy card for someone.

D1298 Beautiful Things My Acrylix stamp set
C1318 Best Wishes My Acrylix stamp set
1381 White Daisy cs
1245 Olive cs Z2137 Olive ink
Z2103 Bamboo ink
Z2105 Black ink
Z2124 Grey Flannel ink
Z2135 New England ivy ink
Z2120 Garden green ink
green buttons
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