Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday moring

So I just wanted to share a few pictures from my yard this morning, these sunflowers came up n there own this year, this is where my bird feeders hang most of the time, I move them back when the hummingbirds arrive, and put their feeders here, I wasn't ecpecting the sunflowes but they are so pretty right now, I didn't move my hummingbird feeders so in the second and third pictures that I took this morning you can see one coming in for a landing and in the third picture she is sitting to the right when another one comes in, I have more fun watching these guys carrying on.

Now for this next set of pictures it is interesting, I was sitting in the yard when I kept hearing something making a hitting sound, it took me a little bit to figure out where the sound was coming from, It was the bird feeder, this feeder has been here for awhile at one time something had pulled down one side of the metal tray trying to get at the seed, well I pushed that side back up, anyway I kept hearing this sound but didn't see anything, Finally I went over to the feeder and I am glad I had my camera in hand

This is what I found, I don't know how long she had been there but I removed the lid and she took off thankfully she had not hurt herself hitting the feeder trying to get out.

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Leslie said...

Becky, love your nature shots. I remember years ago being in a separate room from the one closest to the hummingbird feeder and knowing that there was one at the feeder. My husband could be laying on the bed and I would holler in to him that a bird was on the feeder and sure enough he'd look over and there it was. Have you seen the video of the bird that would get up into the change machine at a car wash and steal the quarters? They actually show the bird creeping out the of the machine with quarters in his beak. The owner thought someone was stealing from him so he had a surveillance video set up. Sure enough someTHING was stealing his quarters.
I wanted to tell you that I enjoy checking out your blog and I have a blog award for you over at my place.